DDDay 2017 Keynote Speaker Announcement

The DDDay Committee is proud to announce that this year’s DDDay keynote speaker is actor and model, JAMIE BREWER!!!!

Jamie Brewer is a guest artist at Yale School of Drama. She lives in the Los Angeles area, and is best known for her recurring roles over 3 seasons of AMERICAN HORROR STORY. In Murder House, she played sweet Adelaide the daughter of Constance (Jessica Lange), in Coven as Nan a “witch in training” who called out Madame Delphine LaLaurie (Kathy Bates), and she appeared in Freak Show as Marjorie, Chester’s (Neil Patrick Harris) nasty little ventriloquist doll. In 2015, Jamie was the first woman with Down syndrome to walk in New York’s Fashion Week in Carrie Hammer’s collection “Role Models not Runway Models.” Jamie has a strong voice as an advocate for the community with disabilities and has served on the Governmental Affairs Committee for the state of Texas. Jamie has received her Musical Theatre Certificate, completed her first year of Meisner’s studies, and is working toward her Bachelors of Fine Arts.

We look forward to meeting you in May, Jamie!! ❤


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