DD Day Keynote Speaker Announcement!

btw-s1-megan-castbio-688x1065[image credit A&E] Megan Bomgaars
The DD Day Committee is proud to announce the Keynote Speaker for this year’s DD Day Event is……
::::drum roll ::::
Megan Bomgaars from the hit A&E television show, Born this Way!
From the A&E site: Megan describes herself as being a “very typical 22-year-old girl.” That’s a pretty humble self-evaluation for a young woman who’s a sought after public speaker; a fashion model; a recipient of the 2008 National High School Spirit of Sport Award; an entrepreneur; and the star of a viral video that has helped spread awareness and the message of inclusion to hundreds of thousands of people.Megan, who has Down syndrome, composed and narrated a 2013 video for teachers. Its powerful message: “Don’t limit me!” She encourages educators to be inclusive and to not lower their expectations because of the challenges that she, or anyone else, may face.
Keep an eye out for more information on Megan, as well as on our workshops for DD Day in the days to come!

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